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Buy La Casa de Papel costume at Las Fiestas

La Casa de Papel outfit

Who hasn't heard of La Casa De Papel yet? With three immensely popular seasons and a fourth approaching, that is almost impossible. Nowadays, the red overalls that characterize the Spanish hit series are indispensable for parties. This is not surprising if you know that they are intended for both men and women and are therefore ideal for groups of friends. The matching mask ensures that you are indistinguishable from your friends. Are you going as gang member Tokyo, Oslo, Berlin, Rio or as one of the newcomers Bogota or Marseille? Or would you prefer dressing as one of the hostages? You can dress up as your favorite character with our costumes and masks, as long as the professor is in charge!

La Casa de Papel mask - Dalí

The most striking accessory of your La Casa de Papel outfit is of course the Dalí mask . This mask was based on the face of the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dalí. Because hostages and criminals wear the same costumes and masks in the series, it is almost impossible for the police to distinguish them from each other. The white gloves that they wear also help to be unrecognisable. These accessories can certainly not be missing from your outfit!

La Casa de Papel weapons

A whole arsenal of weapons is used in La Casa de Papel. Our mission is the same as the (original) mission of the gang: there will be no bloodshed (at a dress up party). That is why we only offer fake and therefore safe weapons. Fortunately we have these in many shapes and sizes.

Money Heist

The English name of La Casa de Papel is Money Heist. The series centairnly is popular all over the world. This means that you can wear your La Casa de Papel outfit anywhere! It's time to gather your friends and get ready for the next dress up party. Come visit lasfiestas.be or one of our stores in Aalst, Halle or Ghent. Bella ciao!
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